Dinner and Weekend at my Sister’s Place



My sister and her boyfriend just moved into a double family house in Waltham, MA. Now if any of you reading know about Waltham, she lives on a street right off of a popular bar and restaurant street called Moody St. When I was invited to dinner this past Friday I could not say no there were just so many options for me to pick from. Also, seeing as she’s the one with the job maybe she will pay for me…wishful thinking. So work ended and I headed over to her place. Just for a quick FYI she lives on the bottom floor of a two floor house, at least I had somewhere to park for free though.

So when I get there I see how she either cleaned up her place completely for my arrival, or has just matured and turned into a neat freak. I can’t decide which one it is but my sister already has a room where there’s a chance to break “nice stuff.” She is only one year older so of course I still give her a hard time. We had a reservation at 6 that night at a place called Habaneros which is a Mexican restaurant and a tequila bar. There were a couple of hours in between the time I got there and the time our reservation was so we poured a couple glasses of wine and caught up. Her boyfriend actually just got a job this past winter and starting training which is in Utah and goes there every other week for 5 or so days. Obviously whenever he is gone my sister wants somebody to hangout with since she does not like living alone.  It’s usually my Mother but I guess this time I was good enough to make the cut for dinner. 

My sister is really enjoying the “real world” part of life. Although it was tough for her at first she is really adapting well into the working world and living alone. I never thought she would make it but hey I like to challenge her. She has a great job and may have a promotion coming up.

At dinner, I of course got a burrito, always trying to find that burrito that beats my signature chipotle one. Still waiting. She got a healthy salad that I had no clue was even on the menu but that’s what she does. Whenever I’ve gone out with my sister after turning 21 we vouched to drink at least one drink at every dinner…yet again wishful drinking. But the margaritas were awesome. Dinner was ending and we called over the tab, I decided to be a good brother and take the tab since she was nice enough to have me at her place for the weekend. 

On the next day we just vegged out and watch some weird shows that I will never admit to watching with anyone but a public blog, these included Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, Cake Boss (which is awesome by the way), and the Bachelor. I did not mind as much as I thought watching these shows just because I was spending time with my sister and it’s a sort of thing for us that’s hard to come by these days because she lives away from us. 

Needless to say I completely enjoyed my weekend with Christie, she showed me how she was doing and I even grew a little optimistic. Only because if she can make it, so can I!




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