Nantucket Was a Blast



So, went to ACK on a weekend trip while my family is there for a two weeks. This photo was from the slow ride ferry over with all the cars. The difference between the slow ferry and the fast ferry is two hours, we happened to be on a 2 hour and 45 minute ferry ride after about 3 hours worth of a car ride through stop no go traffic. Needless to say we were almost there but it was getting late. The group, only 5 of us are pictured here but the group had 8 people, decided to get some card games going while on the boat to kill some time. Again that led to drinking on the ferry before we even arrived at our destination. Played hearts, BS, Kings, Ahole, you name it we probably attempted to play it. It was too bad we ran out of alcohol on the way to the island but at that point we were almost there. Upon arrival, we were greeted by my parents and a friends parents who immediately took the keys from us and drove us to the house we were renting (great idea!). Five minutes into the car ride to the house, each member of the group was napping. Once the nap ended and everyone entered the house, we started getting ready for the night out, we planned to go into town and to the bars on our first night. That plan started to deteriorate once we began drinking with the older crowd who had old college friends around with them. Nobody made it to the bar and everyone had a great time, seeing as there were about 20 people total in the house that night. 

The next day, very sluggishly woke up at 9 in the morning to the smell of bacon. I was the last one downstairs and the last to eat breakfast. After breakfast we decided on the beach which we got lost going to. In the midst of getting lost, we found a great four wheeling trail which we were driving on for about an hour before we accidentally found the beach. The beach day was even more drinking and even more games such as corn hole and kanjam. After the first few hours on the beach people tend to forget to reapply sunscreen such as myself. Got home around six and was burnt like a lobster, and tired.

This night we actually made it out to the bars and had a great time with the whole crew. We went to a place right in the middle of town called Straight Wharf where a lot of college aged kids and grown ups went. It was a great time and it was a great way to end a quick get away from work for a few days. Cannot wait to go back next year and have some more eventful times hopefully some fishing.  


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